Seat Belt chiming when passenger gets out of the car?

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Hi everyone!

My wife’s recently bought a 2020 Grandland X, elite spec.. we’ve only had it 6 days but we’ve noticed when she drops me off at work, when I get out and she drives away… the car chimes saying no seat belt is on for the passenger, when there isn’t a passenger?

It doesn’t seem to stop until she reaches over and plugs in the belt on the empty seat.

I’ve tried it as well when I’ve dropped her off and it does the same

Anyone else had this issue? Should I be reporting it to the garage I got it from due to it being faulty?


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Sounds like to seat occupancy sensor/ switch isnt working correctly. I have seen people reporting this issue before. Take it back to the garage you got it from and they should get it fixed
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It sounds like a fault as someone else has said if its under warranty get it booked in and get them to fix the fault.
If you can try video the issue as this will help if this issue doesnt always occur.
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