Odd starting issue, electric mirrors don't open etc.

Faults and Technical chat for the Vauxhall Grandland
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Daveregis wrote: Mon Dec 11, 2023 11:38 am My 21 plate Grandland X has this mirror fault but only on the drivers side and I can here it trying to close.
I wonder if I could get the repair under warranty ?
Update I gave the mirror a gentle push when locking and it went in 😉 .So a spray of WD40 using the straw on the nozzle and all is good 🙂
I had the same its intermittent, what I done was sit in the car ....(drivers window down)
lock the car ....Passenger side will fold in)
then manually fold in the drivers mirror
Unlock the car it will fold out
then like magic if u lock it again the mirror folds in and out again.

Chrissy Chris
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Hiya, We have had the exact same issues. Vehicle finally suffered a complete failure at the end of November. Its 2018 and only done 20,000 miles.
Vauxhall dealer has finally diagnosed Electrical immobiliser and BCM failure. They have completed work on a vehicle with the same issues today and have now said that as both vehicles are expericancing the same problems, this is what we have to now pay for. to get it fixed.. £2,100

How can this be on a vehicle of this age, they say its a new issues but it obviously is not the case reading this forum. Out of warantee and Vauxhall refuse to admit there is an issue. can anyone pleaae advise how I can take this further/ if I can take it further or indeed actually get anywhere.

Thanks everyone
Chrissy Chris
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johnney7 wrote: Wed Aug 16, 2023 2:22 pm
Going through the same issues now with the Tech line, been quoted £2,000 to repair it same year as yours, did you get yours sorted out? ours has failed completely now. Been in with vauxhalls since the 8/1/24, they were saying they dont' know and its got them stumped as never seen this issue before. Then suddenly thertes another one same year, in the same garage that they have worked on before and still not solevd after, new keys, new battery, new BCM and currently waiting for new Imobiliser and ECU (yet they have never seen it according to them when mine first went in. :( I have raised a complaint with Vauxhalls doubt i will get anywhere but we will see.

Grandland X 2018 NAV 1.2 Petrol. I have had this problem for a few months. It is an intermittent problem and disappears when car gets going and may not reappear until next day. Have replaced car battery, key fob battery, main fuse box/relay box under bonnet has been swapped out so its not that. When pressing the key fob the mirrors don't open out but the car unlocks. It then may take between 2 and 40 presses of the start button to start. When it does start the spanner light comes on and the display says problem with front fog lamps, problem with main beam. If you turn the front fogs on and off and turn main beam on and off the spanner disappears. Car drives fine, stop start works ok, mirror opens when engine starts. I have recently been trying to learn electronics and it seems to a beginner like me to be a relay problem as if it was a fuse things wouldn't work at all???? However the diagrams for the fuse boxes on the web are not clear on what the relays actually control and which fuse box they are in. The passenger side fuse box is hopelessly covered in cables. I don't know how they expect you to change even a simple fuse let alone a relay. The car has only done 17,000 miles and its frustrating as I quite like the car. Also don't buy the Haynes on-line manual. Its not up to date with the electronics and when I complained to Haynes I got no where.
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Oh my - if you can find my post - I’m new - my car does what it wants to ! Its like a badly behaved toddler! Luckily its a motability car so they have to sort it. Grandkids say its a transformer!
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My Grandland X has same issue. Does anyone have the part number that's compatible from Peugeot vehicles that I can find online to change over
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