Wet timing belt out of warranty

Faults and Technical chat for the Vauxhall Grandland
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Hi all. I have a 67 plate grandland that now needs timing belt changed. This is a known fault with Vauxhall however as l am at 70,000 miles and there cut off is 62,000 they are refusing to replace for free or reduced cost. Dealership advised talking to Vauxhall customer service but they are refusing any help.
Anyone else had this and got a positive outcome ?
Surely if it’s a known fault they should have to replace regardless of mileage.

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Post by WDS1947 »

I own an April 2021 Grandland x which I bought recently with just over 30K on the clock .
In the past with Vauxhall cars I found service was 12K 12 months .
Just booked mine in local Vauxhall dealer for major service and I raised issue of the wet cam belts .
Makes me wonder if I should sell what I think is an otherwise great car .
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Any idear prices for replacement timing belt
1.2 grandlandx petrol
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I'm in the similar situation like you.. my car was actually recalled by VX, took it in , called me in the afternoon that the timing is failing so they are going to change it free of charge... couple of hours later they called back to say they have changed their mind because of the mileage 80k is above recall criteria. Despite confirming earlier that my belt had failed due to wet belt manufacturing defect... service manager says it might need a new engine as the oil strainer is damaged therefore they suspect engine may have taken deberis into the engine..
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Post by Bluebird2008 »

I have a 2019 Grandland X purchased new, has 27,000 miles and which has been service every year except 2023, after the MOT this year the "oil pressure Warning light came on and the car went into limp mode while over taking a vehicle nearly causing a head on crash. Due to the well known issues with the wet belt disintegration the service manager explained that the warranty had been extended to 10 years, however Vauxhall customer service have refused to provide any assistance in covering the replacement due to the missing service in 2023, even though they know its manufacturing fault. They literally cut you off in conversation quoting off a text, that they have made their decision and that's final and will escalate the complaint. I have spoken with the motor ombudsman who asked if i could provide written proof of the 10 year extended warranty on the wet belt but the dealership said there isn't any the trade just know its 10 years. I have a copy of the service bulletin issued in March 2021 from this forum which i also asked the dealership for but they said its more than their jobs worth to provide it!!?? its like Vauxhall are purposely hiding this issue, customer service blocking complaints and refusing to deal with it and hiding the information around the well document engineering fault Has any one had any success in getting a contribution from Vauxhall to cover the disintegration of the wet bel which isn't fit for purpose or getting a response from the CEO office, I emailed them 3 weeks ago with no acknowledgment to date.
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