2018 Grandland X timing chain snapped

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I am trying to reach out to any Vauxhall owners of any model with a 1.5 L diesel engine who have had a timing chain snap recently?

I own a grandland x 2018 and it has a full Vauxhall service history. Working all fine and one day just wouldn’t start. To cut a very long story short, the timing chain has snapped. The mechanic at the main dealer, where the car currently is, said there is weeks wait for the parts as he is having to replace approx 5 a week and this is a Vauxhall/Peugeot issue that they are aware of but no one has managed to get them to take responsibility for it. He said there are 20 people in front of me waiting for the same part. The bill for mine currently stands at £2400.
So, I am reaching out to see if there are any other owners who have been faced with this issue? Apparently it is all models, cars and vans and it’s is only the 1.5L diesel engine.
Thank you in advance.

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They will fix it for free if you have all the service history. Call vauxhall customer service!
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Did you manage to sort any help with the costs from Vauxhall??
If not what was the final cost for the repair??
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