Engine management light has suddenly come on

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Hi All,
I have the dreaded error message on dash on start up
'Engine Fault' no lights on the dash, car drives as normal.
Had the car 'code read' by independent and 2 possible issues. Fuel pump (which I have now replaced, but no difference) or Fuel Pump Relay. Where is this located please ? Cannot find this anywhere. Not under the bonnet main fuse box. Main Dealer was useless. Had no reference circuit diagrams and said if I brought the old one in they could order it.
Many thanks for any help

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Forgot to mention I have a Vauxhall Grandland 1.2 petrol 2019 model.
Many Thanks
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My engine management light does not come on to warn me of any issues.
The Grandland 1.5 turbo diesel has a host of issues and no engine management light or warning. Drives fine but has a white smoke coming out of exhaust, a rough ammonia smell.
Plus my exhaust manifold needed replaced, the error showed up inside a vauxhall dealership once a diagnostic check, but I could have been driving for ages with that problem and NO warning lights.
2020 1.5D Grandland X
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I have a Grandland x auto 2019, if it's going to happen, it usually happens near the end of a long drive, the engine management light, spanner light (limp mode) and a message saying 'engine fault repair needed', had it to the garage 3 times, the fault shows as something to do with a valve position (can't remember), if this was the problem then the engine wouldn't run. The mechanic whispered to me 'turn the engine off for a few minutes and it'll probably sort it, we very rarely solve this type of problem', so that's what I do now, it cures the limp mode instantly but management light stays on for about a day.
The more regular quirk is sometimes when I put the right indicator on, it pings an error sound and shows a map of the nearest service centres, I also cancel this and ignore it.
Just wondered if this happens to anyone else and have they actually found the cure.
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keysgestE wrote: Mon Jun 17, 2024 11:41 am Hi. 2018 petrol Kia Sportage, engine management light has come after the car began to stutter at low revs. The engine is rocking back and forth in a real worrying way. Any ideas? Kia garage can’t look at it until the end of August.
You would be better asking the question on a Kia Sportage forum as this forum is for Vauxhall Grandlands.
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