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Post by AmyLouise »

Does anyone have this problem.. my tyre pressure light comes on only when I travel on the motorway at high speed. The light comes on and on the dash it says ‘check tyre pressure and reinitialise’

I’ve had 3 tyres changed and all pumped up to 36 psi (by an independent tyre garage) and the light still comes on. I’ve had it checked at Lookers Vauxhall, even on the diagnostic machine to find nothing, and I’m just told this happens with these vehicles and it can happen with the change of weather, even though the weather hasn’t drastically changed within 4 days. This has been going on since March.

Please help!!

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Post by Gomoca »

First of all, you should check that the pressure you're applying is the one recommended by the brand (there should be a sticker with the recommended pressure on the driver's door or fuel cap).
Once all 4 tyres are at the recommended pressure, with the ignition on, press the tyre pressure button for a few seconds so that it takes on that pressure, and everything returns to normal.
Good luck!
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Post by ianwat23 »

As far as I know the pressures should be 32psi for all tyre sizes except the space saver which is about a million psi. Lol
It’s best to inflate all tyres first thing in the morning so tyres are cold, then press tyre pressure button to re- initialise the system.
Hope this helps
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