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Post by Chrisjvc100 » Thu Jan 13, 2022 8:54 pm

Sorry if I’m sounding picky. I bought a 68 plate grand land turbo 3 weeks ago from a local dealer, it’s only got 15000 miles and was an ex mobility car with full service history and mot, I love driving it, however it’s going back in the garage for the following issues. Grinding brakes, doors close properly but aren’t aligned and don’t meet the seals at the top, some plastic trims under steering wheel popped off and won’t fit back on snuggly, clunking at low speed, strange whining noise at higher speed. There are several noises coming from trim when going over bumps, traffic recognition never works. And am I the only one? The drivers seat is so uncomfy, or else it’s been owned by someone of a heavier nature. Should I just reject the car?

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Post by Vainona70 » Fri Jan 14, 2022 11:55 am

Only you can answer your question regarding rejecting the car. Firstly, challenge the dealer to address the issues & test drive other examples.

Some of these issues have been raised on this forum before, so can be researched individually. For example brakes making noises when reversing & transmission whine from manual gearboxes. I've only experienced one of your issues (68 Reg with 22k miles), which is the drivers door alignment - doesn't look great but is not causing additional wind noise in the cabin.

If you have the SE model the seats are different to those higher in the Grandland X range. I find them very comfortable & equal to Volvo seats I've had in the past, plus show no degradation from my heavier nature.

Good luck.
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Post by Midinotes » Sat Jan 15, 2022 10:34 am

Chris, interested what you say about the driver’s seat being uncomfortable. I also bought a mid year 2018 Grandland sport and I find if I push my butt into the back of the seat, it feels like I’m sitting on a solid metal bar or something. I don’t notice it if I sit in the passenger seat. Like you I wonder if the back of the seat has lost some support. Mine also had a clunking noise when I went over bumps, but that was diagnosed as drop links and they replaced them under warranty. Also my fuel cap didn’t lock properly, they ended up replacing the entire fuel tank and filler pipe under warranty! Other than that, I get the occasionally faint creaky noise (more like vibration though) coming somewhere from the centre air vents. It doesn’t always happen so I think it might be a cable vibrating or just the air conditioning vanes inside the pipework. Other than that I’ve been extremely happy with the car, but I guess if I bought brand new I would be niggled by those issues.


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Post by L3329 » Thu Apr 28, 2022 3:56 pm

Hi Chris,
I’m having a few of the same issues, Did you manage to reject this car and get your money back?


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