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Post by oldguynewcar »

Hi all,

Having lived with our new car for a couple months now I find myself to be totally confused and somewhat disappointed by the seemingly poor battery/self-charging on the X Ultimate.

Maybe I've misunderstood the whole concept here (which is possible) but to my mind the car is supposed to charge itself up while running and maintain the battery level.
But it seems that mine is not doing that.

After charging it up overnight - our driveway charger is on a timer from midnight to 7am - the battery shows a full 100% charge.
But it slowly drops down to 0% as we drive. I normally leave the car in 'Hybrid' mode and I was assuming that the car would use some energy from the engine to keep the battery topped up.

I've tried the 'B' function but that seems to make no difference.

Also, while driving I can see the flashy (and confusing) graphic on the dash showing power going into and out of the battery but it never actually 'charges up'. Stays at 0% until I actually plug it in to the wall again.

What am I doing wrong here?
Or have I misunderstood what it's supposed to do?

Or do I have a dud car/battery?

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Post by DACS »

As I understand it, the car will start in electric mode if the battery is charged and switch to hybrid mode when the battery shows 0%. However, it still has enough charge in the battery to move of from standstill and assist th engine to accellerate. It will use the engine and braking regeneration to provide enough charge to do this but will not attempt to recharge the battery any further unless you select the option to reserve some charge for later use.
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Post by oldguynewcar »

That's interesting.
Any suggestions on where to look for the "reserve some charge" option?
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Post by Baronoli »

Press the "E" button under the screen and set it to hold either 6 miles, 12 miles or MAX.

I've had mine for just over a year now and found this pretty bad for fuel economy though, it's main design is for cities where there's 0 emission policies and to save the battery for those zones.

PHEV's don't really recover as much as a conventional hybrid, I maybe only see a 1-2% recovery when going down hill.
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That is because the car is not a true Hybrid where the engine charges the battery and not from a charging point. The only recharging you get and which has already been pointed out, is from the regenerative braking. This is so small that it is not really worth it. You can preserve battery charge by driving in Sport mode.
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