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Post by VauxhallOwner22 » Sun Jul 10, 2022 11:18 am

Hi everyone, first post so sorry if this should be within another section of the forum.

Recently a relative has purchased a brand new 22 Grandland Ultimate, manual petrol. They collected it in June. This is much earlier than expected.

I noticed when having a look around the car that the buttons above the rear view mirror, where the SOS and Breakdown buttons would be, are just grey coloured blanks.

We raised this with the dealership and we were told that they didn't know why they hadn't been installed. So we took the issue to Vauxhall, asked them if the buttons should be there or not, and the customer services didn't know either.

We have since had emails from Vauxhall and Stellantis giving different reasons, so we don't think they're accurate either. One reason was that they removed these buttons from all Vauxhalls in November last year, which we know isn't correct. Another reason they gave was that the buttons are only being installed in Hybrid models, which again we know isn't true as we've seen manuals with them in.

Only thing we can think is they've cut it out of some vehicles to speed up delivery times due to parts shortages. Or that it was an EU legislation that we no longer follow due to Brexit.

Now we know this doesn't affect the car as a daily driver, but it is something that adds to the safety aspect.

We just don't seem to be getting anywhere with Vauxhall, even just a simple yes or no as to whether it should be there.

We are just interested to know if there are any others with the same issue, or whether you have them in your new Grandland. Or if we can get any help on where to turn next.


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Post by jw021979 » Sun Jul 10, 2022 12:14 pm

My understanding was that all cars needed it as standard to meet regulations. I can't find anything confirming that is the case in the UK but it is in Europe.
The latest price guide (dated April) lists Vauxhall connect as only on hybrid models.

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