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Valer wrote: Sat Jun 04, 2022 9:38 am Only just spotted these requests,i've not been receiving any notifications from the forum
if anyone wants the TIS instructions,send me a P.M.
Hi Valer, hoping you see this. I'm unable to send PM as newly joined here, but would you be able to send the instructions to me please?

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I recently bought a Grandland X 1.5 Diesel. After getting it home I realised there was a problem with the front bumper. The garage I bought it from are being dicks about getting it repaired so I am looking to replace my front bumper, main grill and inserts. Also probably need to replace the front wheel arch trims. I am struggling to find anything online that shows how to do all this. Can anyone help a struggling lad out?
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Hi all, new forum member here. I need to remove my front bumper and/or centre grill section and can see that @Valer seems to have been super helpful in providing a tech diagram, is there any chance I could get a copy please?
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