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Im looking for a boot liner for a 2023 Ultimate which im collecting this week. Found one i like the look of but it says this 'Please Note: This Boot Liner will only fit with the upper boot floor.' What does this mean?

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Hi J0yW1ll1ams,

My car is a 2019 Sports Nav but presume the body styling is similar to yours.

Your boot floor will have 2 positions you can move it too, upper and lower which have different profiles hence stating that the liner/mat will only fit the upper position.

The upper position for the floor (which I find sufficient and is near the height of the rear door lip and level with the rear seats when folded down) leaves a sufficient space underneath for stowing away articles you only need occasionally.

If you want maximum height in the boot the floor can be put in the lower position but the liner will not fit snugly.
I apologise for this being a bit long winded but hope it helps.

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Try Hatchbag, they custom make them. Not cheap but fit like a glove.
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