led matrix headlights broken after update

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Post by nickg1978 »

Hi all

so my new 2022 grandland was recalled by vauxhall again, this time for an update to the led matrix headlights.

upon getting the car back and driving at night, i noticed when i unlocked it, that the headlights no longer does that cool dance thing.

To make matters worst, the auto dim and level dont work anymore, stays on high beam and wont dim so need to override this but its blinding others.

ive seen elsewhere others have had the same issue after getting this update, dealer dont know what to do as they not allowed to un do the safety recall and vauxhall say we are only customer care and cant help speak to your dealer.

car has been in 9 times in last year since we got it, handbrake keeps releasing and taken loads of videos of the warning lights flashing, vauxhall dont know how to fix it, had front windscreen replaced as leaking water, and now this, i give up.

already had compo from vauxhall last year as things was missing from the build, but what makes me lol as vauxhall claim my car is a 2018 grandland x plug in, when in fact its a 2022 new model grandland, they are clueless.

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Post by jw021979 »

Have you checked in the vehicle settings that the option for the active headlights is turned on. The update may have turned it off.
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Post by nickg1978 »


all the settings on that screen was on, and still are, all 4 ticked to on.

It is a software bug
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Post by Grande »

I had the same problem when the software was updated in Oct 23, it’s been in today but they say all is ok. They have recalibrated the lights so fingers crossed, I’ll know if its worked tomorrow when I drive in the dark.
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