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What we check for when preparing a report

carVertical is the largest online database of used vehicle records. It contains more than 7 billion data points from all over the world.

Hidden damage report | Mileage rollback | Historical photos | Vehicle service history | Common faults of each model | Multiple owners | Theft records

Why do you need to check every used car with carVertical?

  • You can uncover mileage rollbacks that drive the vehicle price down and as a result saving you money
  • Hidden accidents is a major problem. We can protect you from motoring scams and fraud by revealing possible vehicle damage.
  • Service history shows how well the vehicle has been maintained. Poor maintenance can cause costly future problems

Used car market isn't as reliable as you would think

  • Most car sellers want to sell the car fast. This means they might not tell you the whole history of a car. Either by choice or by accident. It is up to you to make sure you know what are you buying
  • 40% of vehicles on the road have been in an accident or sustained damage
  • 1 out of 5 cars is damaged, damaged car can be worth 15-30% less.
  • 7% of vehicles are reported with mileage & title inconsistencies, that causes buyers to lose thousands